The Gracie Andersen Mysteries and MORE!

…a great job of piecing the plot together, weaving in clues to keep the reader guessing.

Carol Ann Round, Author

Book 1 of the Gracie Andersen Mysteries

Think your family’s dysfunctional? Meet Gracie Andersen’s and the peaceful farming community of Deer Creek. Gracie has her hands full–a new business and trying to get her life on track after the loss of her husband and unborn child. When an odd gift from her troubled uncle thrusts her into an investigation of a cousin’s tragic death 20 years ago, Gracie meets with opposition from family and friends. What really happened that rainy, October night when her cousin was killed by a hit-and-run driver? Someone is determined Gracie won’t find the truth. With Haley, her black Labrador by her side, Gracie doggedly pursues the trail of clues to unravel the mystery of her cousin Charlotte’s untimely death.

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Plenty of motive, unfolding clues, and a cast of enigmatic and eclectic characters keeps readers turning pages till the very end of this cozy ‘who done it’ mystery.

Francine Biere, Author

Book 2 of the Gracie Andersen Mysteries

No good deed goes unpunished as Gracie Andersen, owner of Milky Way Kennels learns. Who knew offering hospitality and volunteering at the library would land her in a murder investigation? A valuable Civil War knife, one very frozen body, some “funny” accounting, and a mysterious stalker are adding up to big trouble for the Deer Creek Library. Gracie is determined to track down the murderer during the worst cold snap in 75 years. With a growing suspect list, Gracie and her precocious Labrador, Haley are on the trail of an elusive cold-blooded killer.

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The story twists and turns leaving you guessing and turning the pages, not wanting to put down the book until you finish!  

M. Reagan, Amazon Reviewer

Book 3 of The Gracie Andersen Mysteries

Environmental concerns ignite an ugly controversy in Gracie Andersen’s hometown. Add in the mysterious lights seen hovering in the night skies and it’s no wonder the folks of Deer Creek are on edge. Politicians and environmentalists, steeped in questionable motives, are converging and facing off in the small village. After violence erupts at a protest event, the local UFO fanatic discovers a body on his property.  The killer can’t be an alien, but there are plenty of earthly suspects on kennel owner, Gracie Andersen’s list. Haley, Gracie’s Labrador sniffs out some evidence that seems to lead to a dead end and Gracie’s annoying cousin unintentionally rounds up the suspect pool. What’s the real motive for murder? Is it politics? Money? Personal? Or all of the above?

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… there are enough plot twists to keep you wanting to read and it is over too soon. Can’t wait for the next one.

D. Howe, Amazon Reviewer

Book 4 of the Gracie Andersen Mysteries

Gracie’s vacation to Arizona to sort out her relationship with Deputy Marc Stevens immediately turns deadly. A battered body in a mountain stream, suspicious treasure hunters, and a missing teen are players in a dangerous drug cartel case. Her romantic life may fizzle as Marc focuses on the investigation, leaving her to explore on her own. A spur-of-the-moment hiking trip with her B & B hostess leads the pair to discover a crucial piece of evidence in an unmapped cave. That’s when her vacation in the high desert heats up.  A semi-finalist in the 2016 Kindle Book Review awards. 

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Book 5 of the Gracie Andersen Mysteries

Gracie Andersen is up to her eyebrows in wedding details when her mother, Theresa Clark concocts an intervention for a friend who’s become a hoarder. Just as Gracie’s plans for a casual outdoor wedding turn into a literal pipe dream, Theresa stumbles into a mystery surrounding a stolen heirloom quilt. A death in the hoarder’s garage only complicates matters, and Theresa convinces Gracie to help her find answers to the surreptitious activities on Oak Street. If that wasn’t enough, Isabelle is scheming to commandeer the wedding, and Marc is having second thoughts about his career path. Everyone is on, you guessed it—Pins & Needles. 

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Book 6 of the Gracie Andersen Mysteries

The Mistletoe Bed-and-Breakfast, a restored Victorian mansion with a macabre history is the talk of Deer Creek. As the opening draws near, the elegant house offers up secrets over 100 years old. Gracie and her husband quickly become enmeshed in crimes past and present at the B & B’s disastrous opening weekend. Does evil still lurk in the house?

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… a heartfelt, dramatic, and simply beautiful book!

T. Turner, Amazon Reviewer

Forced to leave her beloved Kenya, missionary Ruthanne Carroll begins a painful journey to reconnect with her estranged sisters in the U.S. The thin veneer of the Carroll family’s perfection is shattered when Ruthanne appears unexpectedly at her sister, Elizabeth’s home. One by one, the secrets they’ve concealed from each other are brought to light. While her sisters, Elizabeth and Melody are mired in their family dilemmas, Ruthanne makes a decision that will change their lives forever.

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Gardens of the Heart, a daily devotional by novelist Laurinda Wallace, is a winner. The simple format– photo, scripture, meditation, and gardening tip grabs the reader.  The photos are simple and lovely, and it is eye-opening to discover the many gardening metaphors in the Bible.  The meditations and tips are direct, to the point, and down to earth, much like the gardens Wallace writes about in such an engaging manner.

R. Ciccarelli, Amazon Reviewer

Gardens of the Heart is a 30-day devotional for gardeners and lovers of gardens. With a hoe in her hand, long-time gardener, Laurinda Wallace leads you through the Scriptures to help you cultivate a bountiful heart of devotion and obedience to the Master Gardener. Filled with beautiful nature photos, you’ll also find daily flower and vegetable growing tips that range from the down and dirty necessities to simple, effective ideas that will help make your garden flourish. So roll up your sleeves and grab your gloves, because it all begins with the soil in your backyard and, most especially, in your heart! This inspiring devotional makes a great gift for yourself or anyone who loves the beauty and peace of the garden.

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A string of bad decisions lands reporter Gideon Flynn in Bisbee, Arizona where he plans to start over and finally establish some roots—maybe. The town is struggling to survive the economic woes of 1934 and Gideon isn’t sure his decision to come to the dying mining town was altogether wise. When a local woman, Sara Colter disappears under suspicious circumstances, he begins uncovering the woman’s past which only becomes murkier at every turn. Nothing is as it appears and Gideon finds that his own past is about to catch up with him as he sifts through a handful of puzzling clues to find the missing woman. 

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In the fall of 1886, the village of Castile, New York was shocked when an ex-Salvation Army lieutenant shot and killed one of their own. At the center of the crime was 16-year-old Evangeline Roy, half-sister of the victim, Will Roy. Will was 21 and worked on a farm outside of the rural village. Was it jealousy? Was it madness? Was Evangeline to blame? The ensuing trial brought much to light about the Roy family, the murderer, Robert Van Brunt alias “Happy Bob,” and the secrets they kept. The murder trial followed by two appeals, suicide, and a slander suit made this crime one of the most sensational cases in New York State during the late 1800s.  The sordid details were kept before the public for over a year as the lives of Evangeline and Robert were scrutinized in the press. This multi-layered story of deception and delusion brought not only tragedy but notoriety to Evangeline, who became a Victorian-age media star. 

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